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Buzzinar Wordpress By Omar Martin Posts

Buzzinar Review Full Version 2016

Thanks for checking out my website, you’ve come to the right place if your looking for a unbiased honest review of Buzzinar WordPress Plugin created by non other than six figure internet marketing expert Omar Martin.

Buzzinar WordPress Review By Omar Martin & Melissa Martin

Buzzinar Review (WordPress Plugin)


                                                      Creator :                Omar Martin & Melinda Martin

Product :               Buzzinar WordPress

Launch Date :       2016-03-01

Launch Time :      09:00 am EST

Launching Price :   $9

After Launch:          $27

Niche :                  Software

Sales Page :           >>Click Here<<

What is Buzzinar?

It  is an epic web based wordpress plugin that will give you the coolest and most ingenious way to share content on the web that will help your message to go viral  and direct thousands of visitors to your website.

The main purpose of the Buzzinar is to make your content go viral.

This is a great way for newbies along with more advanced Internet Marketers to make money online by sharing content that will go viral!

Keep reading my review about this software, I will show you how special Buzzinar WordPress works.

How Buzzinar WordPress Works?

Buzzinar wordpress plugin will bring the viral traffic to your website.

It would basically place a lock to your lead capture funnel preventing the access to your valuable content.Now visitor visits your page where the lock is applied and need to be unlocked to access the content.

This lock can be called as “Share Gate” means there would be a multiple option available to share the page.This option would be facebook share, facebook like, twitter and google+.So now visitor need to share the page with the options available to unlock and get access to the valuable content.

So now visitor shares the page with the options available and here the magic happens, as visitor shares it, the page goes to his socially connected group. So now this page would be getting free traffic which would be going viral like crazy.

As every one accessing this page has to go through sharing.Just imagine if you have a valuable content where the visitor cannot resist to unlock, then this would bring loads and loads of traffic without spending a penny.

Below is the sample example.


If you see in the above image you can see the lead capture funnel has four option to share out of which facebook share is mandatory.Once the visitor shares, they would get access to the content they wanted. Simple but extremely powerful!!

The result would be this, considering the smallest share, one visitor sharing to two visitor, those two visitor sharing to other two and so on.What you have to do is just you need to bring one visitor to your unlock page and there on traffic is completely free as it go viral.It would be some thing like this :


Isn’t it cool and extremely powerful?

Yes, It is.

Benefits Of Buzzinar

Apart from buzzinar wordpress plugin, you will receive lot of benefits and valuable information from this buzzinar system.

• A 125 page Buzzinar .pdf book of viral funnel building
• An MP3 Chapter of Narration – download on your mobile device and listen on-the-go!
• MP4 Video Lessons – Watch the strategies unfold before your eyes!
• The Buzzinar software app – Create viral traffic on autopilot with both WordPress and HTML.

You will learn about the tips and tricks of making money online.

• Don’t make the mistake of giving out the wrong bonuses
• Secret tips for making sales every time you promote a product
• The “Hollywood” method to get more clicks and commissions on every sales promotion.
• How to become a 6-figure affiliate
• How to interest your audience in the affiliate product you promote

Bonuses Offered By Omar Martin

Buzzinar-wordpress-review-bonus-1 Buzzinar-wordpress-review-bonus-2

My Verdict On Buzzinar

Without any doubt, its a complete no brainer for me and I highly recommend you to grab this which would enable you to bring viral traffic to your website and most of all  it is a free traffic.

You don’t need to do paid ads, you don’t need to do SEO. Only stuff you just need to do is to bring the initial traffic to your page where “Share Gate “lock is applied and the rest is handled and automated by this powerful wordpress plugin.

Also as the visitor would be unlocking by sharing means that visitor is very much targeted , interested and more likely to purchase from you making sales and commissions.

I don’t believe its available at such a  low price below $10.Its only because it is recently launched and the price would shoot up as time progress.

So if you want viral free traffic then go and grab your wordpress plugin which also has unlimited site licence means you can install on as many site you want.

Hope my review was useful to you and all the best to your online business endeavor.

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My Exclusive Bonuses


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How To Claim Your Bonuses?

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If for any reason you are not able to access the bonuses just email to and will get back to you within 24 hours.

Buzzinar by Omar Martin Coming Soon

If you have heard about Omar Martin before, his personal brand, products, the information he has shared to everyone of you then you should not miss his product this time!

Buzzinar, which is the brand new wordpress plugin which will be launch on 1st Mar 2016. And the front end price point will be at $9 for this software which is really unbelievable.

Honestly this is an AMAZING product and project  the Smartest, Most Powerful Way to Dramatically Boost Your Traffic and Engagement ! 

You will likely unexpected how this software will bring you a tons of benefits.

I’m going to give you a BEST Deal here! I will posting my details review and HIGH VALUE bonuses, make sure you keep your eyes here. Sound fair enough? =)

Alright. Stay tune!